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Made With Bamboo

Our products are made with bamboo, specifically, Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo is not eaten by pandas so you don't have to worry about us taking food from them! The reason why pandas don't eat them is because Moso Bamboo can grow very tall and the pandas just can't reach far enough to get the leaves and bamboo shoots of the Moso Bamboo. Aside from that, Moso Bamboo is edible to all animals, and we humans eat them too. Whatever is left over can be made into environment changing products like ours!


Bamboo can grow extremely fast when they are harvested correctly, in fact they are the fastest growing plants in the world! They don't need any pesticides or fertilizers, don't die from being harvested, remove more carbon from our atmosphere than hardwoods and replenishes soil rather than destroying it like most farming does. When old arid farmland is converted to sustainable bamboo cultivation, it benefits everyone and everything in the area. One of the best things is that bamboo is compostable, unlike plastic!


Plastic isn't the only option, and it's definitely not the most environmentally friendly one either, make a switch to bamboo and save the earth even with just one step at a time. We doubt you will regret it!


~ Savetheearthbrushes Team